Free SEO Link Building Tools


If you're looking for free SEO link-building tools, you have a few options to choose from. In this article, we'll look at Check My Links, Majestic SEO, Link Prospector, Tout, and more. These tools can help you improve your link popularity and discover your competitors' backlinks. These tools also help you monitor your competitors' backlinks and track down their links. Using one of these tools is crucial to view a website if you want to rank high in the search engine results.

Check My Links

One of the best ways to get high-quality incoming links is to build backlinks. You can ask broken link owners for a link exchange. To find out which external links are broken, Check My Links is a useful tool. This extension works as a backlink checker for Chrome. Once you have installed the extension, you'll be able to see what your most active links are. This can help you build a backlink profile that is worth keeping an eye on.

One of the best free SEO link building tools is Check My Links. This extension allows you to search for broken links and analyze the backlink profile of your competitors. Look for editorial URLs that point to your competitors. If you find them, you should investigate further. Other types of links can come from partner sites or resource pages. In such a case, check the link's quality before you contact the owner. Using Check My Links will help you locate links that work and make your SEO campaign more effective.

Majestic SEO

If you're new to the world of SEO link building, you may have heard about Majestic SEO. It is an online tool that displays the backlink profile of any website. If you're not sure what that is, this website will break down the data for you. Its Trust Flow metric (measured out of 100) can help you determine the trustworthiness of the content on a particular website.

If you're not familiar with this link building tool, it's easy to use and has some excellent features. Its Backlink History tool shows you the number of websites that link to your website and allows you to refine those links by various methods. You can subscribe to a monthly plan for $199, which includes unlimited search results, data exports, domain overview PDFs, and 2000 sales leads. The plan also allows you to track up to five accounts at a time, which can be useful if you use multiple websites.

Link Prospector

There are many free SEO link building tools on the internet, but there are some great paid ones as well. The Ahrefs Webmaster Tools offers an excellent backlink analysis tool for a low price. Link Prospector is one of those tools. This free tool lets you see your competitors' backlink profiles and uncover opportunities for link building that you might not have known about. All you have to do is type in your domain name and four competitors' domain names and it will display the backlink gap tool. Once you have all the necessary data, you can then proceed to build links to your competitor.

Monitor Backlinks pulls data from Moz and Majestic SEO and then adds their own features. This tool is cheaper than Ahrefs, but is not as comprehensive. Manual link prospecting is another popular option. Before you begin building backlinks, you need to understand how to use boolean operators to sort the data. With LinkAssistant, you can create lists of prospects and export them in a color-coded spreadsheet for easy reference.


You should use a link checking tool if you are trying to increase your rankings. This is the easiest way to check your competitors' links. Unlike most link checkers, you don't have to know how to write SEO-friendly links in order to get them to work for you. This tool has different features, such as auto backlink discovery and keyword rank checker. It also sends you an email if a competitor has built up a link of high quality.

Another popular free link-building tool is Google Alerts. This tool lets you know when a certain topic pops up in Google search results. You can also set up an alert for your business name and receive notifications when someone mentions it without linking to your site. This is a great way to build links to your website. However, be aware that it is very easy to forget to set up alerts! Not only does this tool offer free tools, it's free too, so make sure you check it out!

Moz's Link Explorer

Using Moz's Link Explorer to analyze your competitors' links is an excellent strategy for improving your website's search visibility. This tool will help you determine which backlinks are the most effective for your brand, as well as their domain authority. You can easily track your competitors' link building strategies by poking their URLs into Moz's Link Explorer tool. Moz Link Explorer will also highlight broken or irrelevant links, as well as what content is most linked to their websites.

Another tool similar to Moz's Link Explorer is MajesticSEO. Both of these free SEO link building tools allow you to analyze the backlink profile of your competitors and see the number of links they have. You can also track your favorite sites and competitors' domains with this tool, and you can even filter your search results by language, topic, and quality. The free version of this tool allows you to try the tool out before committing to a paid subscription.